I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing families and have thoroughly enjoyed helping them with their sleep issues.

Here are some of their stories

So many parents can relate to Stefanie. A tired mom of a 9-month-old co-sleeper with a strong breastfeeding to sleep association.

“We were so thrilled to discover that Thunder Bay has a sleep consultant; we were desperate for help. Our 9-month old would only co-sleep with me and would need to be nursed to sleep. He was also waking up multiple times a night and needing to be nursed in order to fall back asleep. I was starting to get frustrated, likely due to lack of sleep. Seeking Darling Little Dreamers’ help was the best decision I have made in motherhood! Erica was so informative and created a plan for us that was personalized for our son. Her guidance (and quick response) made the process so much easier. After night #3 our son fell asleep on his own after only 15 minutes. We couldn’t believe it. Since implementing the plan (2 weeks now) our son is able to fall asleep on his own almost immediately and sleeps through the night. We cannot believe the transformation our son has gone through. I honestly never thought he would be sleeping in his crib! Now, we are all much happier and well rested and over the moon with joy that we chose to hire a sleep consultant. I would recommend Darling Little Dreamers to anyone having difficulty with their child’s sleep habits! Thank you, Erica!”        Stefanie, Mom of 9 month old.

Marleigh was 5 months old when her Mom, Tia desperately wanted a structured nap and sleep schedule so she could plan her day.  Marleigh only fell asleep after breastfeeding and would need her mother to feed her all-night long to put her back to sleep. Tia was exhausted and wanted structure, freedom in the evenings and a restful nights.

” I have a little peanut… Her name is Marleigh. She was 5 months old at the time, would not nap outside of my arms or a swing, definitely not getting enough sleep during the day. Would not be able to get her into her crib till really late. Would wake up as soon as I lied her down, or if I was lucky enough to get her down without waking her she would wake up a half hour later almost to the minute! She was still waking through out the night every 2-3 hrs to feed. It was exhausting, I was finding myself getting very frustrated and emotional. And then came Erica! She listened to my story, my concerns, my worries, my tears. Provided support and came up with a plan for me. She discussed all the options with me and we picked one that most suited me and Marleigh. She gave me detailed instructions and tips and provided support . Just having her assurance and support helped me through it. A few days after I started… I had marleigh putting herself to sleep! In her crib! 2 naps a day, in bed sleeping by 7:30!!  I was so shocked! I gotta say it changed things for me. I was more rested, I was happier. I had some me time now. I didn’t realize how much it was effecting me.So thank you so much Erica From marleigh and me :)”

After several months of sleepless nights due to Reflux pain and symptoms, Jackson (8 months), and Mom Blanca were desperate for sleep!

“Where do I start with my little man Jackson 🙂 it seems like the first months of his life he was what I like to refer to him as my little Rockstar that partied all night and day. From the get go he has has been a stubborn little man, he was 5 weeks early and was a difficult delivery. He also had reflux which greatly impacted his sleep. I still remember the first 4 months of his life we had to hold him the whole night for him to sleep as he would constantly be vomiting and crying in pain because of it. As his reflux improved his sleep didn’t. I started feeling like a zombie and I know it was impacting my time with him. If I felt exhausted I can only imagine how Jackson felt. I still remember the phone call to my friend Lindsay, me telling her I don’t know what to do he’s so tired and won’t stop crying and I can’t drive him around anymore to sleep! When she told me about Erica and how she was a sleep consultant I thought ok she will give me pointers and help me to get him to gradually sleep. Let me tell you… a few days into setting a routine for Jackson he was sleeping the night! I can honestly say this has impacted our life with Jackson in a way I never thought possible! He’s much more rested and happier now…and so are we. I never realized how tired and exhausted I really was until the first night he slept the night and the morning how I felt like a brand new me, like the old me before this little man came into my life. My husband even tells me I’m less cranky and irratable. It’s amazing now having time for myself during the day and actually being able to shower and not feel rushed (oh the little things that make the world of difference). If you feel like you are at the end of your rope like I felt there is a light at the end of tunnel it’s Erica 🙂 Thank you for helping us get the sleep we needed and all deserved!
Blanca, Jordan, and Jackson who is still a rock star but now calls it a night at a decent hour!”

This DAD “can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep” after his 4.5 month old’s “sleep regression” turned into sleepless nights, and absent naps.

“When our Baby Alexys hit around the four month mark, any sleep pattern she had was lost and we found ourselves up every 1.5-3 hours changing her and feeding her. The sleepless nights seem to have grown longer and more common; but then we heard about this new sleep consultant company called Darling Little Dreamers. I was very skeptical but my wife really wanted to try it; and so we did. After Erica’s visit, she provided us with our sleep schedule and from day one of implementation we went to 12 hours through the night and three long naps per day. Our baby is happier, we have more energy and we couldn’t imagine how we survived before. As the saying goes, you really can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep!” Joel & Danielle, parents of 4 month old Alexys

After 15 months of never having a full-night’s sleep, this family was ready to put away the rockers, bouncers and sleep crutches and get EVERYONE sleeping!!

“When I contacted Erica, evenings with my 15 month old son Emerson involved numerous wakeups and lots of rocking. Nights seemed to be getting more and more frustrating for both of us because we weren’t getting the kind of sleep we needed. By the time I contacted Erica, I was desperate for change. It was to the point where Emerson needed to be bounced to sleep, and when he woke during the night he would only fall back to sleep once placed in a toddler chair beside me in the spare room!
Erica was a great resource for my partner and I to help our son learn how to sleep through the night independently. The first couple of days were tough but Erica being there as support and to answer all our questions made things so much easier.
Now when we put Emerson in his crib at night, I am confident that not only will he go to sleep by himself and have a good sleep but he will stay there all night (and I can get some sleep too).” Jennifer, mom of 15 month old Emerson

Taina struggled with her 13 month old’s inconsistent nap schedule and suffered multiple night wakings for too long!

“I approached Darling Little Dreamers because I struggled with my thirteen month old daughters sleep schedule. Her naps were inconsistent and short. She rarely slept through the night and I was nursing her most of the night to get her to fall back asleep. I was exhausted, as was she and the rest of our family. Darling Little Dreamers helped me by creating a sleep schedule that fit both mine and my daughters needs. The email support allowed me to ask questions and clarified my daughters reactions and frustrations. The result was an amazing sleep schedule for my daughter and the rest of us! Prior to these first thirteen months, I could never leave my daughter in the evening without her screaming at bed time and throughout the night. One thing I liked was the dedicated support and understanding. Darling Little Dreamers understood and listened to my initial fears, frustrations and challenges without judgement. I would recommend Darling Little Dreamers to people who want their child on a regular sleep schedule and need understanding of their child’s sleeping habits.” Taina, mother of 13 month old Aliina

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